long-arm quilting services in the sacramento area

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Gina Boyd

The total price is the sum of:

Set-Up Fee, Quilting Type (E2E, Semi-Custom, or Full Custom) + Thread Charge + Batting (unless provided by client) + CA sales tax.

I will provide you with a draft invoice as we work together to complete your quilt.

Quilting Types:

To read more about different quilting types, click here.

  • E2E (Edge to Edge) Pricing
    • $.02 per sq. inch.  For example, a twin quilt that is about 65" by 88" would cost $114.40.  A queen sized quilt that is about 86" by 92" would cost $159.96.
  • Semi-Custom Pricing
    • Cost per square inch varies depending on the amount of customization entailed.  The range is $.03 to $.10.  For example,  a full sized quilt measuring 80" by 88" would be $211.20 at $.03 per square inch and a queen sized quilt measuring 86" by 93" would be $399.90 at $.05 per square inch.
  • Full-Custom Pricing  
    • $20 per hour.  This type of quilting could easily take 40 hours at a cost of $800.

Set Up Fee

A set up fee of $10 to $80 will be charged depending on the type of quilting wanted.  This cost is to cover time spent prior to even loading the quilt on the machine in making computer mock ups for the client to consider.  A $10 fee will be charged for an E2E design and generally requires an hour of time.  $20 - $30 will be charged for a semi-custom job, and is based 2 to 3 hours.  $50 to $80 is charged for a full custom and reflects 5 to 8 hours of computer time.  The set up fee is in addition to the minimum charge.

Thread Charge:

A thread charge of $4.50, $7.50 or $10.00 is added depending on the size of the quilt, the number of thread changes and the number of bobbins required.  For example,  a large densely stitched E2E may require 7-10 bobbins and may result in a $10 thread fee.  The same sized quilt with a less dense design may require only 4-5 bobbins and may result in a $7.50 thread fee.


I require clients to use Winline 80/20 batting or a Quilter's Dream batting.  They can purchase Winline from me at my cost  or they can purchase either Winline or Quilter's Dream themselves .  The Quilter's Dream battings that work well for me are wool, a 70/30 or a black batting.  Due to past problems and issues with batting, I no longer use other brands.

Maximum Quilt Size

‚ÄčThe maximum width of a quilt that can be done is 100 inches for the top.  There is no restriction on length.

Minimum charge:
The minimum charge is $40 for the quilting, plus thread, batting, set up and tax. Work is charged per square inch or per hour depending on type of quilting that is required.