Long-Arm Quilting Services

I have access to many (many!) different quilt designs.  My machine came with a wide variety of designs, and I have purchased more.  If you want a design that I don't own, I may be able to purchase it.  

If you need a very specialized type of design, we can work together to create something perfect for you and I can digitize it. 

types of quilting by cozypatch

I can do many kinds of quilting with varied levels of customization. Part of the design process is deciding which design(s) work best on your quilt top.  (For example, If your fabrics have a lot of pattern in them, an E2E with texture will probably be the best choice.  If your quilt top has a lot of negative space, custom quilting in those areas may be called for.)

Types of Quilting: 

E2E (Edge to Edge): E2E quilting involves one design that covers the surface of the quilt without regard to borders, sashings or appliques.  
Semi-Custom: This type of quilting involves several designs where the designs are custom fit to blocks, border, sashings, etc.  More than one thread color may be used. 
Full-Custom: This type of quilting includes Stitch in the Ditch (SID) and applique quilts that require extensive customization to fit the design.  More than one thread color may be used.

gammIll long-arm quilting machine with statler stitcher

I have a 12' long table.  I can comfortably quilt tops of many sizes when at least one of the dimensions does not exceed 105 inches.  For example, a quilt top that measures 105" by 120" could easily be done as the 105" size would be loaded width-wise on the frame.


As soon as you have your project ready, contact me to be added to the wait list (which is about 2 months.)  I will give you a date for when I can begin the project.

When your turn arrives, we meet and you show me your quilt top and any ideas you have for the type of design you would like.  I would show you the patterns that fit with the idea of what you have in mind.  I set up a draft invoice showing how much I anticipate the quilting charge will be.  Then I do a mock up of one or more designs that are under consideration and email them to you for your review.  You provide me a final approval of the design and the invoice and then I proceed with the quilting.  The quilting can usually be done within two weeks of receiving the quilt top.

long-arm quilting services in the sacramento area